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of the levee that protects the gardens neighborhood. the california conservation corps joined city crews inputting bags in place to prevent flooding. some homes were evacuated after water seeped through the levee. >> we have to leave everything behind. >> we had a bad christmas so he is ready to let it go. move on. >> there's still one home that's vacant because water got into some electrical outlets. >>> east palo alto is work on a long-term fix that will include the croak's capacity to carry water. and we're seeing much more snow in the sierra and how. the california department of water resources reports that snow levels now are at 140% of average. last year they were like just 30 percent of average. while not everybody at this time felt like fighting traffic and chain controls to get up there plenty of bay area residents wanted to see a white christmas. and they did. some families decided to head out after opening presents and to play in the first snow they found. so let's get an update. >>> isn't it fun to play in the snow? >> uhm, yeah... [ laughter ] >> for the kids. >> elizabeth
services. >>> president obama is closely monitoring a week-long strike at two southern california ports. 800 members of the clerical union who work at the ports of los angeles and long beach had been working without a contract for more than two years. the clerks don't handle cargo but dock workers are refusing to cross picket lines forcing a shutdown of most terminals. experts estimate the strike is costing the u.s. up to $1 billion a day. and it could delay shipments of holiday gift merchandise. >>> there's a tentative contract agreement between port of oakland and union workers. two weeks ago, more than 500 members of seiu local 1021 went on strike. they had been at the bargaining table for 16 months. details of the agreement will be released when the contract is voted on tomorrow. >>> president obama will host a group of governors today to talk about the "fiscal cliff" after he rejected a counterproposal from congressional republicans. that plan promised to trim $2.2 trillion over the next 10 years and cuts from entitlements and billions in new tax revenues only from tax reform. and
with developing news from a shaky southern california. >>> a magnitude 6.4 earthquake rattling the region about 2:36 this morning. epicenter was off the coast near the united states mexican border. thousands of people felt it but there has been no major damage reported. and no tsunami warnings. >>> this morning, it's still too dangerous to go looking for the cause of a major east bay fire. one of our viewers took pictures as the fire was just starting at a fremont business yesterday afternoon. they show flames shooting through the roof and a towering column of black smoke. the fire destroyed c & h enterprises on boggs terrace in fremont and some of the neighbors were told to stay indoors. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at the machine shop that burned in fremont with the very latest. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. the smoke has cleared here but the investigation has yet to begin as you mentioned. investigators are expected to be here this morning. once they make sure that the building has been shored up, significant damage to the building that you can see here behind me. in fact, p
living in dorms. >>> arizona isn't the only state to protest the controversial share fair. california is doing it too. drag queens calling themselves the sisters of perpetual indulgency invaded a dinner party for joe arpaio. he spoke at a middle school after he received 50 letters from 8th graders questioning him about the immigration rules, but the school canceled the meeting. >> they accused me of running concentration camps, they called me a racist, so i wanted to meet with the kids and tell them the truth. >>> the school district's media rep said she was too busy to explain on camera but denied there was ever a meeting between the two. >>> 5:10 now, chemical weapon concerns is the united states ready to use military force in syria. >>> plus christmas miracle, a van smashes into a busy georgia jewelry store. how no one was serious lip hurt. >>> and the cute cubs now in the spotlight at the san diego zoo. >>> what is cool about your school, you can submit your nomination on our web site cbssf.com/cool school and we may come out and feature your school on our show. we'll be right bac
of the smell being investigated. >>> a mysterious invasion along some beaches in california. thousands of squid washed up all of a sudden along a 12-mile stretch of shore on monterey bay. the humboldt squid have stranded themself from aptos to watsonville yesterday during high tide. some people tried to put them back in the water but then the department water creatures swam back to shore. a graduate student observing the bizarre phenomenon says the squid probably don't know where they are. >> they probably don't understand and are trying to get away and don't realize if they swim towards shore, they are going to run out of water eventually. >> researchers think they may have eaten toxic algae causing them to be disoriented and swim on the beach. also, el nino weather patterns may have drawn them to the cooler waters of northern california. >>> negotiations in the crabbers strike will get going again this afternoon the it's been six days since the boats went out and dungeness crab is mighty hard to find in stores and restaurants around the bay area. crabbers are upset over wholesalers' attempts
stand when it comes to rising ocean levels. >> the california king tide help us to visualize the dramatic tidal reefs that we're already experiencing. >> king tide are caused know the by global warming but by gravity. the earth, moon and sun are all in position right now to cause the water to rise. now, the woman you just heard from was the california king tide initiative. they are encouraging people to help them take pictures of the high tides. find out more on our website, cbssf.com. anne makovec, cbs 5. >>> a famous contractor has been called in to fix a sinkhole in lafayette. city leaders agreed to a $600,000 contract with c.c. meyers. heavy rains overwhelmed the area's drainage system causing the hole on mountain view drive. it's about 15 feet deep, 80 feet long, and 40 feet wide. cleaning up and fixing the problem will be challenging. >> they are going to route the stormwater around the -- they are going to put the dam in the creek and route the stormwater around the failed pipe. once they achieve that, they will clear out the creek, establish a stream bed on the bottom
scrapers. >> no. there are times you need it here in california but i don't think it gets as cold as california. so there is good news there. we have a couple of things brewing here. ben lomond highway 9 at glen arbor. not a lot of details for this trouble spot but lots of activity a tree down wires also down in the roadway they have completely shut down highway 9 at glen arbor through there. they are saying now that noon is the eta when they should be reopened so highway 9 ben lomond in the santa cruz county area. so avoid the area if you can in morning because of that. elsewhere we don't have any accidents to report otherwise. westbound 580 looking good through the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. only a 14-minute ride no delays on 680 just yet. also highway 4 we have some early-morning roadwork westbound and eastbound a full freeway closure at one point but everything is in the green now so traffic free-flowing both directions. you might see some on- and off- ramps through the area. westbound 237 through milpitas not bad so far, so good and easy 6 to 8 minutes between 8
was the president's parting plea. meanwhile here in california leaders are concerned about what could happen if the tax hikes and budget cuts kick in. >> this would undo a lot of the good of the extra taxes californians are willing to invest in the schools. particularly special needs students would be cut by 10% and the meals program that so many of the californias are growing up in poverty and they need that meal. >> some county and city officials are concerned about the potential impact on health and welfare programs. >>> the dreaded fiscal cliff can potentially affect a wide range of health programs. >> cbs news' wyatt andrews explains. >> reporter: professor mallen like hundreds of medical researchers has already fallen off the fiscal cliff. her budget which relies on federal grants is being cut by 10% now. as the nih, the national institutes of health, prepares for the possibility of budget cuts later. >> it's as much bigger than just my lab. it's affecting all-academic labs across the country. >> reporter: mallen understands the nih decision but calls it a setback. >> my lab will have
of the storm extend to southern california. multiple flights between los angeles and midwestern cities have been cancelled. officials at l.a.x. expect more cancellations later today. passengers who made it home from chicago said some cancellations why announced even as they boarded their flights out of the storm zone. can you imagine being aboard and the pilot saying nevermind? the winter weather is happening just as we hit the biggest holiday travel day. at sfo more than 100,000 people are expected to pass through just today. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the airport where weather delays are expected. hey, cate. >> reporter: good morning, brian. yes, they're on the way. i just looked at the boards. it's early enough that all flights are on time. but the one thing is for sure, yes, delays are on the way. and as you said about 130,000 people are expected to pass through sfo. so we better brace for that. we have already seen the effects of the winter storm in chicago here at our airports. aviation officials say more than 350 flights out of o'hare international airport and 150 out of
than 200 fewer than last year. accidents killed nine people in california down from 12 in the sam period a year ago. local transit agencies are offering an alternative to driving tonight. caltrain will offer free rides after 11:00 tonight for passengers riding south from san francisco. muni will offer free rides from 8 p.m. until 6:00 toll morning. in san jose, in silicon valley, all vta bus and light rain will be free between 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. bart will extend its service until 3 a.m. but no free rides on bart. >>> just beautiful. i always love watching that. the new year has just arrived. this is in sydney, australia. video from just a few minutes ago, you can see the celebration featured a fireworks display over the harbor bridge and opera house. the party now continues moving west across the globe ending tonight in the united states. >> looks like they got a beautiful night down under. we got some live pictures here still partying down there. >> they are still partying. look, the fireworks are still going. can you imagine being there watching those fireworks? beautiful, right.
legislation and california senator dianne feinstein has a bill in the works. >> it will ban the sale, the transfers the importation, and pot session not retroactively but -- and the possession not retroactively but prospectively, and ban big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets. >> but the national rifle association has opposed laws like that. and that's a big reason gun control has been a low key issue in recent years. >>> people attending religious services have been trying to make sense of the events in connecticut even as they pray for the victims. parishioners gathered at a st. mary's cathedral -- at st. mary's cathedral yesterday in san francisco. some of people are feeling anger and other emotions that lead them to question god. >> our faith is shaken occasionally but that's why it's so important to have a strong faith and to remain consistent in our faith in good times so that when difficult times such as these come about, we can fall back and rely on that faith. >> church leaders at st. mary's say there are no easy answers. they say above all, it's important simply
. >>> some california lawmakers say it's time for new state laws in hope of preventing tragedies like the one in connecticut. among them is leland yee a local, state senator. he wants to reintroduce a bullet button ban which failed last year. bullet buttons allow gun users to get around the state ban on detachable magazines. >> it is as if we do not have an assault weapons ban in the state of california. with the bullet button assault rifle, what you can do is buy a magnet and you can easily load and unload these magazines. >> a local gun advocate says bans on certain weapons or parts are not good ways to prevent violence. gene hoffman the chairman of cal gun does support more background checks and mental health evaluations. >>> well, there are new signs of increased support for gun control. a cbs news poll taken after the shootings finds 57% of americans think gun laws should be strict the highest number in a decade. but 66% say at the same time when people are asked about what happened in newtown, that percentage said that tougher gun laws would have little to no effect on preventing that i
. rivera's california driver's license was found at the crash site. they are headed to mexico to identify her remain. >> reporter: how do you want your sister remembered. >> every which way we can, the short, the nice. >> rivera recently divorced esteban luiso who once played for the oakland a's. >>> and nelson mandela in the hospital this morning. those around him are giving few details. the 94-year-old hero had been admitted to a military hospital for testing and he was comfortable. he became south africa's first black president in 1994. >>> a man believed to be the gunman on a shooting rampage in tule county has died after being shot by police. 31-year-old hector receive leia was the -- ceylaya. was the prime suspect in the shooting. four members of his family were killed. two wounded including his 8- year-old daughter. police caught up with celaya, he was eventually killed in the shoot out. >>> how the vigil of a man killed outside his home. police found a 43-year-old with multiple gunshot wounds outside his house. investigators are looking for the shooting. the name of the victim has
through today and into early tomorrow. >> that's why people from other parts of country move to california. [ laughter ] >> like i say, from denver. i name no names. >> who's that? >> look at the -- when we get 45-degree readings and go this is terrible, we say, what are you people wimps? >> i was laughing yesterday. >> but you still freeze out here. >> i get cold. >> it gets really cold in colorado but boy, you know what, we have some stormy weather coming in our direction as it looks like those clouds are gathering once again. right now it's a cold start to the morning. not as cold as yesterday. but look at just to the north. we have a cold front that's dropping in, in our direction. it will bring some changing weather throughout the day. likely to see some clouds streaming across our skies. and then as we get into the evening hours likely to see some rain developing in parts of the north bay. so things going to get very unsettled. if you have some shopping to do this is the day to do it. mostly clear out there now and cold. the temperatures chilly in spots. 29 degrees in concord. it is
afternoon. that left supporters of california's proposition 8 and opponents of the federal "defense of marriage act" hoping for action on those issues today. >>> a former bay area boy scout will be honored in sacramento this afternoon. 18-year-old ryan andresen was forced to leave his moraga troop because he is gay. he will be recognized for his bravery today by state assembly speaker john perez. >>> republicans and democrats are in a stalemate in negotiations to avoid that "fiscal cliff." as susan mcginnis reports, key players took to the sunday talk shows to make their case. >> reporter: the white house is already decorated for the holidays, but the mood here in washington is anything but festive. >> i think we're going over the cliff. >> reporter: if congress doesn't act, america will ring in the new year with $110 billion in spending cuts and a $500 billion tax increase leaving the average household with a nearly $3,500 hangover. treasury secretary timothy geithner was on capitol hill to present the plan to congress. >> i was flabbergasted. i looked at him, i says, you can't be
california couple has ended. the couple from sacramento county went missing during last week's storm after their car got stuck in the snow off highway 88 in alpine county. rodrick clifton and paula lane were last seen at a 7-eleven in citrus heights before leaving for nevada. clifton is still missing. his girlfriend was found by a family member last night walking outside of a car on the highway. she was taken to the hospital with frostbite. police say it appears paula went to look for rodrick after he never returned from trying to get help. >> they may have been sightseeing and got stuck in the snow. reports are that they may have stayed in the vehicle or slept in the vehicle for at least one night. rodrick left the vehicle to seek help. and when he did not return, paula left to seek help. >> paula is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. >>> three suspects have been arrested in connection with a major theft ring in san francisco. police say they found laptops, cell phones, cameras and hey number of other stolen items in the suspect's apartment. more items were found in
some new details this morning about the lockdown of a southern california college campus. the lockdown at cal state fullerton was just lifted before hid night. at least one suspect ran on the campus following a police chase yesterday afternoon. that's when the lockdown was ordered. students were told it could last all night but it was lifted about 8 hours ago. >>> the chase came after a robbery and shooting at a jewelry store. check out the video. the pursuit covered three counties and ended with a crash near that fullerton campus. two suspects still at large but three others are under arrest. one of them you can see him here ran out on a baseball diamond as was arrested. the los angeles police chief was at a toy giveaway there. the suspect saw dozens of officers and finally surrendered. >>> an outside compliance director will be assigned to oversee the oakland police department. the move approved by a federal judge stopped short of a complete federal takeover of the department although that is still a possibility. the compliance director will help opd implement reforms required by the
by the california nurses association. it will affect several hospitals as well as two hospitals in san jose. all of the facilities plan to operate with replacement workers. union workers and management are at odds over benefits and staffing. the strikes set to begin this morning at 7:00 a.m.. >>> this is the san francisco explore tore yum's last full week of operation at the current site. the interactive science museum has been at the palace of fine arts for more than 40 years. it's moving to pier 15 right there along the embarcadero. it will reopen in april. a farewell ceremony the a its current direction will be held january 22nd. that is so cool. i think i was a kid the last time -- >> i was a kid, too. that was many years ago. >>> the national spotlight on gun control legal cause. >> next both sides on the debate over the right to bear arms. >>> and the booming business for firearms training coming up. school? you can our nominaton on our website: cf dot com slas e may come >>> and what is cool about your school? you can submit journal nation on our web site? you can submit it on our web sit
but otherwise, traveling around the state you'll find showers up and down much of california and even some rain in the high sierra nevada. bases are pretty high but winter weather advisories up above 6500 feet or so. expecting another 4 to 8 inches of snow above that period and then it looks like that will last until 10:00 this morning before those clouds move by. let's see if we can time it out a bit as the storm moves through this morning and then about 10:00 or so you will see more scattered showers becoming focused from san francisco southward and then in the afternoon that scoots out of town. then it looks like overnight things settle down. by tomorrow we have a lot of sunshine around the bay area maybe just some patchy ground fog. temperatures outside not going to be bad. again, this is subtropical in origin with the storm system so we'll keep you in the 50s and 60s. some 60s into the east bay and also in the north bay we'll keep those temperatures mild for this kind of storm. 50s and 60s. next couple of days, we'll watch weather settle down quit a bit. thursday and friday, no rain inside
raindrops when things remain unsettled through saturday. northern california, heading towards tahoe, there are chain requirements on highway 50 but no requirements on interstate 80. so this would be a good day to head up towards the mountains. high 30 degrees there. 51 in sacramento with areas of patchy fog reported. closer to home around the bay area once again these are those temperatures. 54 in sunnyvale. 52 in milpitas. so a lot of 50s to go around. 50-degree readings in brentwood, antioch, very similar to what we saw yesterday. low to mid-50s definitely jacket weather but once again no need for an umbrella. we haven't been able to say that in a while. 54 degrees in berkeley 52. in san rafael. and 55 in santa rosa. here's your forecast. over the next several days, dry today, wet again tomorrow, and then into saturday. sunday through new year's day, right now looks dry. and then things once again look unsettled by the middle of next week. that is a check of traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> breaking news in walnut creek a shooting involving a police officer
in california? >> always wondered. plus the san jose spartans finish off the season but could they tie a record set more than 70 years ago? we are going to fill you in coming up. >> and if you want to do any skiing up in the sierra, this is a great weekend to do it. we have plenty of packed powder expect more snow on saturday at alpine meadows: we'll have more traffic and weather coming up. ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 11 wins in one season.. thed a chance to do it again yesterday.. at the militaryl in washington, d.c. >>> it's been more than 70 years since the san jose spartans had 11 wins in one season and they had a chance to do it again yesterday at the military bowl in washington, d.c. spartans going up against bowling green in red. david fales number one in the country for completions percentage 3rd quarter spartans down by one and we get our play of the day. watch. >> fales on third down. he has a first down inside the 5, he's in! what' play by taylor jones! >> chandler jones with a sideline dive with the extra point that puts san jose on top and they go on to win the game 29-20. they end t
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